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Choosing the right After school program in Broward County can provide your child with added opportunities to socialize and learn with his or her peers. At the Early Learning Centers of Broward County (ELC Broward), we offer After school programs for children aged five to twelve in a safe environment supervised by our experienced teachers. Our commitment to your child’s education and safety can provide you with greater peace of mind and confidence during the hours when you cannot be there in person.

Highlights Of Our After School Program

Our After School & Day Camp program provides school-aged students (K-5th grade) with the:

  1. Homework time with teacher assistance as needed

  2. Time to socialize with their peers

  3. Outdoor Activities

  4. Special Trips and Events (Day Camp)

Benefits Of After School Programs

The After school activities offered by ELC Broward can help your child develop social, physical, and academic skills that include the following:

  1. Cooperation and collaboration to achieve common goals

  2. Physical coordination, including the development of fine and gross motor skills

  3. Practical skills like tying shoes and putting on jackets

  4. Basic reading readiness, including alphabet recognition and sounding out new words

  5. Counting and number identification

  6. A greater understanding of the natural world through scientific observation and exploration

Children will acquire new skills in a fun and safe environment, allowing them to develop a positive attitude toward learning and preparing them effectively for the challenges of the formal academic environment.

The professional and administrative staff at the Early Learning Centers of Broward can provide you with the best After school options for your children. We are committed to your child’s success in our program and in future learning endeavors. Call one of our four centers to set up an appointment to tour our facilities or to discuss ours After school programs in greater depth. We look forward to the chance to meet you and your child.

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