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How to Talk To Kids About COVID-19

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

By Melissa Wood, Parenting Magazine

With COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) everywhere on the news, it’s likely that kiddos in your home and in your classroom  are wondering what’s going on. Uncertainty can make kiddos feel anxious and afraid (just like in us adults).

Be Open and Honest

How to Talk To Kids About COVID-19

It is important to be an open source of information they feel they can confide in. Ask how they are feeling if they are concerned and be supportive however possible. Reassure any concerns that they have and be sure to keep in mind explaining them in a way that is developmentally appropriate based on their age.

Teach Good Habits

Teach them how to protect themselves and their loved ones by showing them how to wash their hands and why it is important. Teach your kiddos how to cough into their elbow and encourage them to practice healthy eating and getting enough rest. These are great ways to talk to kids about COVID-19. Check out this fabulous approach below that this teacher took with black pepper to teach about germs. We love it!

Do not Spread Misinformation or Anxiety

How to talk to your children about covid 19

With all of the COVID chatter, it’s easy to repeat something you heard. Be conscious of sticking to the facts vs. the rumors. Also, be sure not to pass along your own anxiety. If you’re feeling a bit emotional or reactive to something you heard or how you’re feeling, take a deep breath.

If you’re feeling anxious about Coronavirus, here’s an amazing toolkit that has resources for any anxiety you’re feeling:

Here is a great video from the Child Mind Institute that walks you through how to approach the conversation.

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